My buddy bro Jason Forrest developed this iPhone application called Star 6, it’s totally fun and even more. You can mess around with samples with it, which looks way more fun than twisting some nobs, and you can also use it on a professional level. JF aka DJ Donna Summer is creating tracks with it like a madman lately. Check out the video and drop by at the Star 6 showcase this Friday at Jacki Terasse. It’s free, it’s a nice location, it’s going to be chill, it’s FUN!, there’s a bunch of performances, I’ll be playing a relaxed DJ set.
What more can you ask for? Basically just one thing: Where to get this f*cking app?
Here you go!
It works for iPhone and iPod Touch as well. Since I don’t have one I’m thinking of buying one just to play around with Star 6. Aaah! Seems like the easiest way to get into producing some tracks…

Star6 Introduction from Star6 on Vimeo.

There’s also a video contest, the Star 6 Video Freakout.
Here’s Mr. Forrest’s take. Download his track and edit your own video, be part of the movement. Enough slogans for now, you got the info, do something good with your lifes now.

mp3: Jason Forrest – Mashed (made with Star 6) YSI

Star 6 Showcase
Jackson (Warp, FR)
Kiki Moorse (DE)
Song Band (US)
Jason Forrest (CRD, US)
Guido Mobius (Karaoke Kalk, DE)
Ben Butler & Mousepad (SCT/DE)

With DJ’s: Finkobot & Marius Reisser

Jacki Terrasse (aka Patio @ Maria)

from 6pm – show start at 8pm
An Der Schilling Brücke
10243 Berlin

For more on the artists:

For more on Star6:

More on Jacki Terrasse:


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