High Rankin are putting out pretty much the heaviest banging shit somehow related to dubstep these days. No Money For Guns is not only the title of the EP out on Hervé‘s Cheaper Thrills, it’s also the main bang attraction on it. Plus Bubble & Squeak, love how they’re chopping up that vocal sample (CHOP THAT, fidget producers!).
Here’s the teaser for the EP and a couple of older tracks/remixes. The EP is out now, you can give it some shopping love over here.

mp3: High Rankin – No Money For Guns EP Teaser YSI
mp3: High Rankin – Control Room YSI
mp3: Pop Levi – Dita Dimon (Mumdance & High Rankin Remix) YSI
mp3: Chase And Status – Eastern Jam (High Rankin Remix) YSI

On further news High Rankin have remixed Hervé’s next single Baseball Bat. This track also features Marina formerly of Bonde Do Role. Reading that sounds great. Listening not at all. You’ll easily be able to find the video for it, and damn, the video is as horrible as the song. Sorry, love Hervé, love Bonde Do Role, but this is crap. No idea how this could happen.
Apparently Mr. Harvey already got quite an amount of bad feedback, here’s what he had to say on myspace:

there will be a video of sorts up soon for this on youtube
its the b-side for all the people who are scared of change
i kinda assumed people who liked my music were a little more open minded than your average pill head.
it seems i was mostly wrong!
herve x

Damn, this is not about being open minded or not wanting you to do something different, it’s about saving you from taking you a really bad turn, Hervé!
As for the High Rankin remix on that, there is this saying ‘You can’t polish a turd’. But what if you deep-freeze it? A dub version of the remix might be the equivalent here.


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