Gossip time! I suspected there was some sort of a beef… Both, Hervé and Crookers both do lots of networking. But have they supported each other? No. Do they even play each others songs? No, no, no. Okay, let’s say rarely. At last year’s Melt Festival the Crookers were scheduled to play after The Count & Sinden, so I was kind of watching out, how they would get a long. Unfortunately The Count & Sinden had to cancel, so no chance there. But now I read an interview with Hervé over at The Fat Club. Being asked about the Crookers he said: “I just don’t like the music they make. I don’t know them as people and I don’t like their music, I don’t rate all that copycat stuff.” Wow. Copycat stuff. Harsh words, dude… Personally I like lots of stuff both of them have done, so I’ll post two remixes they have done lately. Even though I doubt they’ll get along any better because of this.
Sorry about picking a topic like that, but what else do we have but gossip, to make our lives worth living?

mp3: the prodigy – omen (hervé’s end of the world remix) YSI
mp3: miike snow – animal (crookers remix) YSI


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