On very short notice my pal Jason Forrest aka DJ Donna Summer got this show together.
Summary: He’s playing Breakcore with lots of other Breakcore friends who happen to be in Berlin.
For all the details I’ll be a lazy ass and just copy paste, since who knows better than Jason himself what’s going on.
Charlie party is where noise rock, breakcore, lazers and fun combine in an explosive mixture!
Watch these 5 brilliant live acts from around the globe descend on Berlin, Wednesday Oct 15th! Playing will be Enduser- Master of the hardest Drum and Bass/Breakcore around, Monster Zoku Onsomb- an electro surf trash 4 piece from Australia, Nero’s Day At Disneyland- baroque electronics with noisey breakcore beats from San Francisco, Hard Off- Japan’s global underground brokencore hero, and YobKiss- Rotterdam’s lazer-gloved mega-drummer! Brought to you by Dj Donna Summer, who is part of the teams that brings you the Birthday Party Berlin parties as well as the Wasted Festival!!

This is an early show- FREE ENTRANCE BEFORE 10:30 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then 7 euros after!!!

Josef at Maria Am Ostbahnhof
Oct 15th (Wednesday)
Doors @ 10:00PM
7 euros after…

Enduser – USA – LIVE!
Monster Zoku Onsomb – AUS – LIVE!!
Hard Off- JP – LIVE!!
Nero’s Day At Disneyland – USA – LIVE!!
Yobkiss – NL – LIVE!!!
Dj Donna Summer – DJ!!

On further news Mr. DJ Donna Summer has started a new label called Nightshifters. Kick Off is October 20th. Stay tuned for more news on that.

mp3: dj donna summer – hoovermore YSI
mp3: foot village – narc party (dj donna summer re-swing remix) YSI


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