My favourite man from NY, Larry Tee provided me with some exclusive excluxive exclusives. First of all a new remix for his track Louis Vuitton by Database from Sao Paulo. You may remember the 3 Is A Crowd remix for that one, I used it in my Think About Finckobot mix back then. Compared to the very dark 3IAC approach Database work out a lot more nu ravy touch, reminding me a bit of Justice remixing themselves for their famous breakthrough D.A.N.C.E. Works out really good as well.

mp3: larry tee – louis vuitton (database remix) YSI
mp3: justice – d.an.c.e. (justice remix) YSI

And: Larry got together this mix of unreleased tracks, lots and lots of total killers. Lots of big names. Surely many of them will make it on his album appearing later this year. This is gonna be a burner. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands. Aaah, pardon my excitement, but you’ll understand after you heard the mix. Stay tuned for news on Larry Tee on BRRRLN.

mp3: larry tee – recording #05 YSI


1. Larry Tee feat. Roxy Cottontail – Let’s Make Nasty (Xmas in July Mix)
2. Larry Tee feat. Jeffrey Starr – Louis Vuitton (SAntiago and Bushido mix)
3. Larry Tee feat. KIM – That’s Not it
4. Larry Tee/Jeff Doubleu – Pussy Beats (Jeff Doubleu mix)
5. Larry Tee feat. Amanda PePore – My Pussy (Mom and Dad mix)
6. Larry Tee – I love U (Bart B More mix)
7. Larry Tee feat. Christopher Just – Get Your Grind on (Xmas in July mix)
8. Larry Tee feat. Tobell von CArtier and Christopher Just – Black Pussy Suprise
9. Larry Tee feat. Tobell von Cartier – Clap That Ass (Tomboy mix)
10. Mel Merio feat. Larry Tee – Hipster Girl
11. Christopher Just w a lil help from Larry Tee – Summertime Love
12. Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar – Licky(Herve Goes Low) (Larry Tee re-edit with Santogold)



2 Responses to “TIME FOR LARRY TEE”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the dance remix is by MSTRKRFT and NOT Justice…

  2. thx anonymous helper!

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