Okay, you know this blog is not really about posting mixtapes, but when it comes to really well done stuff containing a bunch of unreleased interesting tracks I just can’t resist…

So first up the minimix by On The Brink Recordings, that you can get right here.


hijack – hijackin (acapella)

hijack – cant touch
detboi – gunshot lean forward (andy george & jakz remix)
affie yusuf – ride on
crookers – crooked to play
affie yusuf – ebony acid dash
hijack – hijackin ft rye rye
full phat – did anyone know? (detboi checks it out remix)
full phat – does anyone know?
the bulgarian – ignition
crookers – turn it up 4 dilla
dj mayhem – nuttin 4 $$$$$

Business as usual, you can get the tracks over at junodownload or djdownload. Do it!

Same goes for the tracks on the other mix by HiJack, Jack Union Records.
Get it here, find out your favourites and SHOP!

01. HiJack – Higher
02. Consistent – French Fried
03. Oliver Garcia – Sensation (HiJack Remix)
04. Harry Axt – Riffler
05. Santiago & Bushido – Head Trick
06. DJ Fame – In The Ghetto (The Bulgarian Remix)
07. Natty Jack – Jackin Da Garage (HiJack Remix)
08. The Bulgarian – Barn Dance (HiJack Remix)
09. Rene Van Munster – Working Title
10. Oliver $ – Marshmallow
11. Deadset – Same Great Taste
12. Jacob London – The Final Chapter
13. Style Of Eye – Koka Cheva
14. Zodiac Cartell – Used & Abused
15. Riva Starr – I Know You Want My Thang
16. Santiago & Bushido – For The People (HiJack Remix)
17. Nick Holder – Bad Girl (Solid Groove Remix)
18. Lenny D Ice – We Are I.E. (HiJack Remix)
19. Ryan Mergatroid – What You Do To Me (Stupid Fresh Remix)
20. Haraku – Gameboys On Acid (HiJack Remix)
21. Boosta – Last (Crookers Remix)
22. Poxy Music – War Paint (Speaker Junk Remix)
23. Nic Sarno – Watch This (HiJack Remix)
24. Ryan Riback – Boom (Lee Mortimer Remix)
25. Faithless – Miss You Less, See You More (Switch Remix)
26. Phil Weeks – Make You Wet (Jesse Rose Remix)



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