Final version of the Transformer Di Roboter remix for Justice DVNO. It seems the guys got their hands on the instrumental so they could do their version with Transformer vocals only in it, and I have to say it suits the song really well. And it is rumoured Justice themselves really are into this version, too. But that’s just what they are talking on the streets, homies.
Okay, check it out, hi-end quality in 32o kbit/s.
And as a bonus the Transformer self remix for their hit Fasson in a little more DJ / Club friendly version.

MP3: justice – dvno (transformer dance camp remix) YSI
MP3: transformer di roboter – jeder nach seiner fasson (transformer remix) YSI


2 Responses to “TRANSFORM THIS, HOMIE!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    AMAZING!!! Great post! The new vocals really suit DVNO! I m used to the original voice but this is slightly better. How did they erase the other voice from the mix?

  2. Too Many Sebastians Says:

    This is really good. Thanks for introducing me to Transformer!

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