Okay folks, time to talk about Australia’s Bag Raiders. They’re two guys, Christopher Brave and Jack Sabbath. There is only one EP out on Bang Gang 12 Inches so far, but their fabulous Fun Punch has been played around the globe. And played around with, for example by Whitenoise or getting mashed with a Soulja Boy track. But most of all Bag Raiders have done lots of killer remixes for lots of cool artists, including Midnight Juggernauts, K.I.M. (Kimberly Isaac Moyes as his mother calls him, one half of The Presets), Muscles, and Kid Sister. As you can see below.
Okay folks, now it’s your time to listen to the Bag Raiders.

MP3: bag raiders – fun punch
MP3: bag raiders – fun punch (whitenoise remix)
MP3: midnight juggernauts – twenty thousand leagues (bag raiders remix)
MP3: muscles – one inch badge pin (bag raiders protein shake up radio mix)
MP3: k.i.m. – by the time that they reach you (bag raiders remix)
MP3: kid sister – pro nails (bag raiders remix)
MP3: soulja boy – crank that (bag raiders blend by luminfire)



2 Responses to “BAG RAIDING IN BRRRLN”

  1. Bag Raiders rule. Their Sneaky Sound System remix is one of my favourite songs of the year. Great post.

  2. the original video of KID SISTER feat. KANYE WEST is not that bad… check it (with some written words about it):

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