BRRRLN loves Crystal Castles

Even though they didn’t play Berlin on their tour. Only two German dates:

11/14 – Frankfurt, Germany – Sibergold
11/16 – Duisburg, Germany – Djazz

So Frankfurt and Duisburg, tell BRRRLN how it was. Send your pictures and comments!

For all who didn’t have the chance to see them

MP3: crystal castles – untrust us

MP3: crystal castles – crimewave


And of course the fabulous omnibus mix (almost made me cry the other day…)


1. Magic spells – Crystal Castles
2. Make it Hott (crystal castles remix) – Uffie
3. Knights – Crystal Castles
4. Leni (crystal castles remix) – Goodbooks
5. Crimewave – Crystal Castles
6. Alice Practice – Crystal Castles
7. Atlantis to Interzone (crystal castles remix) – Klaxons
8. Divebomb (crystal castles remix) – The Whip
9. Trash rental (Crystal castles remix) – Soho Dolls
10. Hunting for Witches (Crystal castles remix) – Bloc Party
11. Lovers who Uncover (Crystal castles remix) – The Little Ones
12. It fit when I was a kid (crystal castles remix) – Liars




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